a collection of videos I have shot, directed, or edited

Jason Cardinal- “Way Too Long”

Shot, Directed, & Edited by Nathan Taber

What Life Could Be from the upcoming album

TreeHouse: An Al Tree Experience


Shot and edited by Nathan Taber

Audio mixed by SeanDizzyBlade of B08 Studios

“All the way”

Shot, Directed, & Edited by Nathan Taber

TheCypherEffect.com Presents: KyE Nathaniel - Cole Bennett

Directed By KyE Nathaniel

Filmed By Nathan Taber

Coloring & EFX By Jordan Wozy Produced by


Shot, Directed, & Edited by Nathan Taber

Al Tree- Going with the flow


Shot, directed, & Edited by Nathan Taber

Art work by Astroart

Dereck Boyd- “Let Go”

Shot, Edited, & Directed by Nathan Taber

KyE Nathaniel - Deadshot

Shot by Nathan Taber

Coloring / FX by Jordan Wozy

Produced by Reezy Vote


Kye Nathaniel- Sway Calloway

Directed By KyE Nathaniel

Efx By Ryan Schafer

Shot By Nathan Taber

Mass Escape

13 N 6th St, New Bedford, Massachusetts 02740

Script and Directed by Dan Turnpin & Nathan Taber

Shot and Edited by Nathan Taber

New Bedford Barber Co.

Shot, directed, & edited by Nathan Taber

Ant- Champion

Shot, Directed, & edited by Nathan Taber