"A Mothers Nightmare"

"A Mothers Nightmare"


We are stuck in an epidemic. Parents losing their kids. Kids losing their parents. This painting came from a personal experience with a family member. The poem attached to this art is something that took me years to feel.

Canvas 24 x18in

Frame 27 1/2 x 21 1/2in

"A Mothers Nightmare"

Bending needles deep inside veinless people

Looking at self loathing exploding into a momentary fix

They are just people inflicting destruction 

I bet this was not their plan

I bet you did not think this could be you

A mother can't sleep at night

Who can with the thoughts of

"Please baby don't turn blue"


Needles piercing their veins

Spines razor sharp 

Ribs poking through transparent decisions

We can all assume

Blank stares consume rotted flesh

Scabs connect dots to a road of your demise

Withering away before we can touch your soul

Junk runs deeply through the person we once knew

Shit.. I wish I just told you 

I love you 

But I can't...

-Nathan Taber

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