My neighborhood! New Bedford, MA

Exploring to me has always been one of the more fun things with photography. A simple walk around the neighborhood or a stroll through Downtown. There is no destination just observations of structures or people. Sometimes you get lucky and meet awesome individuals along the way that you get the chance to have conversations with.


Carrying around a camera for some reason is an ice breaker for conversation. It is a beautiful thing to capture structures, people, roads, or street art. We are always so determined to go other places that we forget about what is around us. What our neighborhoods are really like. I see beauty in all things, whether it’s chaos, abandoned buildings, boarded up houses, or just some broken down cars in a lot.


There is so much to see and take in when you just get outside & walk around for a bit. My favorite building around me that is now abandoned is the old Laundromat. It also has a art piece on one of the doors by a really cool Street Artist “Boston Maki”.

nathan taberComment